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Hello and welcome to Me and The Tiny 3

I started this blog in January 2013, as a journal of my life with the tiny 3.

So let me introduce myself and my family

Mommy aka Tammy I am 42 years old, I love all sports, twitter, and of course my family. I am a newly single parent to 3 adorable children, who I shall introduce you to shortly. I also write film reviews for New On Netflix UK

JR aka Jackson was born in 2008 and loves watching Netflix and he has occasionally reviewed children’s films for New on Netflix UK, Playing minecraft, lego dimensions and Disney Infinity on the Xbox 360 and going to dance class. He is currently in year 3 at school and has recently swam up from Beaver Scouts to Cub Scouts.

TP aka Tyler Was born in 2010 and is in year 1 at school, at the moment his favourite things are Netflix, spiderman, robots, Disney Infinity and lego. He has recently been diagnosed with Hyper-Mobility and low muscle tone, and as having SPD and is currently undergoing diagnosis for ASD.

LA aka Lexi-Arizona was born in September 2012, She currently attends nursery and will start school in September 2017. She loves all things pink, marvel superheroes, star wars and paw patrol

In June 2015 me and my husband separated, and whilst this was a difficult time of adjustment for us all, the children are happy and coping well. And we have both moved on with our lives and now both have new partners. However from this point forward there will no longer be any mention in posts of Mr M&TTT instead where it is necessary for him to be mentioned he will simply be referred to as “Daddy” or “Dad”.

We are willing to work with companies for reviewing products and services that are appropriate to the website, we are also willing to run sponsored posts and competitions.

However we are not willing to run advertisements or advertise your competition for free.
If you would like to get in touch with me please email me at tammy@meandthetinythree.co.uk

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  1. Hi!I’m trying to reshare the blog post you did many years ago for us! When I click on all your social media links none of them work, please can you let me know the best ones to tag you in and what your user names are! Thanks Fran

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