Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker *Review*

We all know and love Mr Frosty, in fact not only was it on my Christmas lists each year, but it always finds it’s way onto my kids Christmas lists too. In fact last year TP found the Mr Frosty Ice Crunchy Maker under the tree. So when I was asked if I’d like to review a Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker I knew the kids would love to.

In the box you get An instruction sheet, 6 handles, a 3D mould of Mr Frosty and penguin, a chocolate melting pot which then doubles as a drying station when paired with the handles. The different parts of the Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker are quite simple but they do what they need to and they are also really easy to clean afterwards which is quite an important thing for most parents.

The Choc Ices are really easy to make firstly you put the yogurt into the moulds insert the handles and freeze. Once the yogurt has froze you can make a start on melting the chocolate, before removing the frozen yogurt you then need to spoon the melted chocolate over the yogurt and sprinkle on the sprinkles. Then eat before they melt.

We had so much fun making the choc ices and the best part is if you wanted a more healthy snack you can leave off the chocolate and sprinkles, which I have done several times whilst the kids are at school so they can have a fun healthy after school snack.

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