Alton Towers The Big 6 Challenge

On Thursday last week I visited Alton Towers Resort in Staffordshire, with the aim of attempting to complete their current promotion The Big 6 Challenge. This is where you are challenged to ride their 6 biggest coasters in 1 day and your prize a free return visit on November 4th.

ride list

To take part in the challenge you must 1st get yourself some park tickets, then download the big six app from either the App store or Google play, to track your progress. Finally ride the big six in one day. I was very lucky on the day that I went because it was a chilly weekday in school term time and the queue times were really quite short. In fact the longest I had to queue was 20 minutes for Smiler. However if your going on a busy day there is the option to buy the Big Six fast pass for £35 if you don’t think you’ll be able to get them done in a standard queue time.

I had so much fun, and enjoyed the fact that I could track the total distance in kilometres of track I’d covered,and how many loops I’d turned and how many rides I’d been on. I had no problem using the ios app and had good enough 4G coverage that I was able to check in at every ride quickly and easily, however my friend was using the android app and it kept crashing, which meant checking in wasn’t so easy.

ride photos

I had so much fun riding the big 6, and I can’t wait to return on November 4th, as an added bonus I even conquered my fear and rode nemesis sub terra twice.

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