A Trip to Cinderella

On the Tuesday before Christmas we took the kids on a surprise day out to Leicester to watch their second pantomime of the year Cinderella at De Montfort Hall. The first pantomime they had been to was the recording of the Cbeebies pantomime Peter Pan which had only lasted around 45 minutes so held their attention well. However Cinderella was going to have a running time of over 2 hours so I was slightly concerned whether or not their attention would hold for the whole show.

When we arrived at the venue the tiny 3 soon realised why we were there, by spotting a giant poster of Alex Winters from Cbeebies who would be playing Buttons and they also noticed a giant light up pumpkin carriage on the roof.

Then came the best surprise of all as we headed to the stage door for a pre-arranged meeting with Alex, The tiny 3 were really excited to meet him again and gave him his Christmas presents I had sneakily made while they were in bed the night before.

Then it was time for us to head off and find our seats, I’d chosen to book the front row of the upper tier as I thought this would give the littlies their best view, and I wasn’t disappointed our view was brilliant. The pantomime itself was really quite funny and kept not only all 3 children but also me and Mr M&TTT entertained for the whole show. Having never been to the theatre before the Tiny 3 were disappointed at the interval because they thought the show was over and that Cinderella wasn’t going to make it to the ball!

During the interval I brought us and the boys some chocolate, LA some haribo and drinks for everyone and I was pleasantly surprised by the cost 3 J2O’s, 4 chocolates and some haribo cost just £5.

The second act of the pantomime was equally as entertaining and kept the children equally enthralled. JR particularly enjoyed dancing along to Pharrell Williams – Happy and joining in with singing the hero song for Right Mardie the horse. All 3 kids also got very excited and slightly amazed when Alex read out their names at the end of the show.

After the final curtain we headed backstage to have a better catch up with Alex who decided that the boys would look good in the ugly sisters hats, I have to admit he was right they did look really good!

cinderella Collage

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