An afternoon at forest school

Every week since JR started nursery at his current school he has attended a session in their on site forest school. However from year 1 until year 6 they only get 1 term of sessions, and last week was his last session of year 1. It was however a very special session because parents were invited along to take part. So I donned my wellies, hat scarf and gloves and headed off to meet a very excited Jr at his school. Collage1

When I arrived at forest school JR and his friends were sat around the fire circle waiting for their parents to arrive. The teacher then told them to take their mommies to play. First of all JR took me to dig for buried treasure in the dirt pit. I found 6 gold coins much to JR’s excitement. We then made glittery pine cone tree decorations before heading into the mud kitchen where JR made me a lovely mud pie.

JR then wanted to show me that the stickman and gruffalo’s friend Owl really live at forest school!



There was then just time to play on the natural swing before we all had hot chocolate, biscuits, toasted marshmallows and smores around the campfire. Collage2

We all had such an amazing afternoon at forest school, its just a pity he has no further sessions until the final term of year 2.





3 thoughts on “An afternoon at forest school

  1. that is lovely, I’ve taught Forest School programmes, they are lovely. We didn’t have things that like when mine were in school (youngest 15) but we did have days out to local ponds and farms that parents and younger siblings were invited to

    • It was a really wonderful afternoon, and I think proof of how brilliant it was, is the fact i only remembered to get my phone out for photos 3 times

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