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Almost every parent of school age children up and down the country will soon be starting the dreaded back to school shop. You know the one where you drag your little darling’s around clothes shops and supermarkets to try on and buy uniform ready for September.
I have been ultra organised this year and are feeling slightly smug that I have already brought both boys their uniforms, bags, and P.E. Kits. They both super cute, although I may be slightly biased in that opinion. Now though I’m left with the task of labelling it all, and I really do mean all, there’s :
2 P.E shirts
2 pairs of P.E shorts
4 Ties
6 shirts
4 jumpers
4 pairs of shorts
4 pairs of trousers
10 pairs of socks (how do they manage to come home 1 sock short?)
10 pairs of pants (yes JR has lost pants in the past – again How?)
2 pairs of PE pumps
2 pairs of school shoes
2 water bottles
2 bags
2 PE bags
2 coats
2 macs
1 pair of wellie’s
1 set of forest school waterproofs
And finally 2 pairs of jogging bottoms
That’s a lot of kit that needs labelling, especially as I can’t sew and the iron on labels only seem to last a couple of washes. Then there’s the problem of the writing washing off and needing to re-write the labels every few weeks.
However I don’t have that problem you see last year I discovered Stamptastic the personalised naming stamp and I have to be honest it has made my life so much easier when it comes to labelling new school uniforms.

You simply stamp the clothes which makes the job so much quicker, not only that the uniform of JR’s that I stamped last year can still be read clearly, unlike the iron on label I used as a comparison.

stamptastic3 stamptastic2
I also think they offer great value for money because the ink pads will last quite a long time and once you have the name block that shouldn’t need changing. The ink pad costs £10 and the stamp costs £8
You can even stamp water bottles and lunch boxes although you may need to re-stamp those throughout the course of the year because of the material they are made from, having said that JR’s water bottle is a little worn but still readable. I even stamped my pencil case when I attended a conference earlier this year.
The ordering process is really simple too and you can choose a font style and font size, and delivery usually takes between 7-10 days.
Disclosure: I received 3 Stamptastic sets for the purposes of this review however I had previously purchased one myself all words and opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “Back to school with Stamptastic

  1. This looks like such a fantastic idea – any way of labelling childrens clothes that doesn’t involve sewing, ironing or physically writing has got to be a good thing! x

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