Bedroom Makeovers

Around this time last year we moved LA into her own bedroom, but what we didn’t do was decorate. You see we simply didn’t have the time or the money so other than a girly bedding set her room is painted blue and doesn’t scream toddler girl bedroom at all. So this year I plan to redecorate her bedroom in her favourite colours pink and purple, probably with a hint of Disney princess thrown in for good measure. I have already brought some wall art that will go up once we’ve painted.

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The thing I find is when you decorate 1 bedroom suddenly all your other bedrooms look like they need decorating too, so after LA’s room is finished we’ll start on the boys room (just don’t tell MR M&TTT). At the moment the boys are interested in super heroes and already have a marvel bedding set each so I think we’ll follow the theme through the bedroom with red and yellow walls and a marvel border. The boys are also big fans of both Topsy and Tim and Peppa Pig and have asked if they could have bunk beds in their room. This is actually quite a good idea as space is at a premium in their bedroom at the moment, and as JR gets more independent at doing his homework he’ll need a space and desk to be able to do it without being interrupted by his siblings.

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Then finally after the children’s rooms are decorated I would look at our bedroom which is just in need of a lick of paint, an office area being created for me and most importantly a new mattress for our bed. Our mattress is about 6 years old and has been used as a trampoline more times than I care to remember, and most nights ends up with 5 people sleeping on it. I have started waking with neck and backache so its definitely time for a change.

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