Gel-A-Peel Slime Jar *Review*

Since last summer there has been a craze amongst kids to make slime, but how do you store it once the kids have made it? You tuber Ambi-C had a great idea, why not decorate a jar using Gel-A-Peel.

Whilst the sensory issues my children have mean that we couldn’t have a go at making the slime we did decorate a jar using Gel-A-Peel that we could store all our Gel-A-Peel nozzle in. Here’s our attempt

For this, we used the Gel-A-peel Solar Colour Change kit which comes with 3 pens, 5 tips and a gel tray. The colours change in sunlight (what’s sunlight? Thanks, Beast From The East 1&2!) and the set retails at £15.99 We had great fun decorating the jar and it has made storing our Gel-A-Peel accessorises a whole lot easier.

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