Hill Rolling Fun

A few days ago, a failed geo-caching attempt led to a couple of hours of fun. Firstly we visited Cobb’s Engine House, we then investigated the rest of the Bumble Hole area. It always amazes me how an area so steeped in industrial history can now look so beautiful.

The area was heavily mined during the industrial revolution, and as such the ground is very hilly. Some of these hills are quite big whereas some are like more than a slope in the ground, however as the photos below show, when you’re 4 and 6 and want to roll down a hill the size hill doesn’t matter.

JR decided to try it out first, giggling all the way from the top to the bottom.


As always, anything JR can do TP has to try. Even if instead of rolling down the hill he rolled round in a circle, but again he did so with a massive smile on his face.


It gives me a huge amount of pleasure seeing the Tiny 3 enjoying the great outdoors so much and I can’t wait to take them on more adventures soon.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

4 thoughts on “Hill Rolling Fun

  1. Now this is perfect Country Kids fun that every child should be able to enjoy. It is the simple pleasures and not worrying about dirty clothes that makes activities like this such fun. thank you for sharing.

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