How To Train Your Dragon Jigsaw Set ~ Review


A couple of weeks ago we were sent a ‘How to train your dragon jigsaw set‘. The set consists of 3, 49 piece jigsaws in one box and also 3 mini posters.
I have always loved jigsaws but I have struggled to get the boys interested in jigsaws and I always seem to end up finishing them on my own. These jigsaws were different however and JR couldn’t wait to get started, and he even managed to finish every jigsaw in the set with very little input from me. He has even asked to do the jigsaws again which is unheard of.


jigsaw 2

The pieces seem really strong and sturdy as even after being put together and taken apart quite roughly several times they still seem as good as new.

The only small problem I had with this set was that the pieces to all 3 puzzles were packaged in the same bag, so although this time JR was quite happy to help sort the jigsaws out into 3 piles, I can see that this would not always be the case and at times he may not be willing to wait. This problem was easily sorted out by putting them in separate sandwich bags myself.
All in all I think this jigsaw set is a good quality product and would make a fantastic christmas present.

Disclaimer: I received this jigsaw set F.O.C. for the purposes of this review, all words, opinions and photos are my own.  

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