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Last Christmas I suddenly realised that I must be getting old, because when I was asked “What would you like for Christmas?” I excitedly answered “Well actually we could do with a new toaster, kettle and deep fat fryer” (Oh so old) and although it was more of a want than a need I may also have asked for a coffee machine. However that was more of a want than a need.

Getting all of these practical gifts was brilliant (see I’m old), it saved us a lot of money. Our old ones were brought about 6 years ago when we moved into our 1st home and because money was tight we brought as cheaply as possible, so definitely needed replacing. The downside of getting these sparkling new appliances is that no amount of cleaning can hide the fact that our microwave oven is also about 6 years old and also needs replacing.

So now we are past the financial hit of Christmas and the budgeting of January, it’s time to start looking for a new microwave oven and as the other appliances were all replaced as gifts we have a higher budget than usual. What I didn’t realise was how many different types of microwave oven there are.

There are standard microwave ovens, which are great for cooking ready meals, making jacket potatoes or the one thing that every parent needs a microwave oven to do – re-heat your cup of tea or coffee.

Then you have microwave ovens with grills giving you the benefit of being able to be used as a grill, which could come in particularly handy if your cooker has a combined oven and grill.

The microwave oven type we decided might be best though was a combination microwave, this is a more economical option because it combines the benefits of a convection oven and a grill cooking food faster and cutting down on energy bills. Next was to decide what make to buy, so we looked around and found these wonderful Panasonic microwave ovens I really like this slimline microwave oven although I do think that I may have to save a few more pennies first.

Disclosure: Published in conjunction with Panasonic, all words are my own.

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