Num Noms Crazy Creations *Review*

LA is like your typical 4 year old girl, she loves watching those You Tube videos where an annoying American talks about the latest collectable toy. We have, Shopkins, Twosies, Gift um’s and now we have the latest craze Num Noms! So when we were asked if we would like to create a crazy creation will the series 3 Num Noms LA got very very excited.

When the parcel arrived she donned a Num Noms chef hat opened the packs and got to work creating the next crazy food craze.

And although the hat didn’t last too long as it was too big LA got straight to work deciding which Num Noms she would be adding together. 

She decided to put Melon, Carrot, Strawberry and Marshmallow together to create a wonderful new super food ‘Strawcarmelomallow’ or  ‘Strawmelocarmallow’

I’m not really sure how either of these creations would taste but LA had fun playing with the series 3 Num Noms anyway and is looking forward to earning enough pocket money to buy more. One thing we particularly liked about the bigger set was that he lunchbox that it came in could be used to store all your Num Noms in and carry them about easier. 

*Disclosure* We were sent a selection of Num Noms series 3 for the purpose of this post


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