Our New On Netflix Project

For the last few months Me and the Tiny 3 have been contributing film, documentary and TV reviews to the New On Netflix UK fan site.

In case you don’t know what Netflix is I’ll explain below:

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a paid-for entertainment service that allows subscribers to ‘stream’ thousands of films and TV shows perfectly legally. ‘Streaming’ is the term used to describe being able to watch (or listen) to something without having to wait for it to be downloaded beforehand. Think of it as being able to start watching a film before you’ve physically received the DVD from Mrs Postman. OK, it’s not the greatest analogy but I challenge you to come up with a better one!

Well that is just the basics, and you can find a more in-depth look at Netflix here.

Every Friday┬áthe New On Netflix UK review team, Which consists of myself, MaFt and Lewis from A Dad Who Blogs publish reviews of films, and Documentaries that are currently available to stream on Netflix. However it’s not only us adults that that like to review the Netflix line-up every Tuesday our tiny ones take over the reigns and with the help of us adults publish a Tiny Tuesday review of something from Netflix kids.

So far The Tiny 3 have published the following reviews:



And I have reviewed:



Keep checking back for more review updates soon, if there’s a film or documentary you’d like us to review let us know in the comments below




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