Persil Duel Action Capsules – a review

This weekend i was challenged by Persil Duel Action capsules to make a duel flavour jam, and to see whether or not the capsules would be able to remove any juice stains created whilst making the jam.

I am by no means a tidy chef, when it comes to cooking I always make a mess of the kitchen, my clothes even myself, so this challenge was right up my street.


As you can see from my not too flattering photo my apron was lovely and white before i started preparing the strawberries for my strawberry and black pepper jam.

persil 1


I am not very good in the kitchen at the best of times so this was quite a challenge for me as i have never made jam in my life although the recipe that persil sent me was relatively easy to follow. It consisted of boiling 200g of starwberries (it should have been 300g but the kids ate a few before i had chance to make the jam), 200g of granulated sugar (Should have been 300g) and a tablespoon of lemon juice, and adding black pepper once the mixture had cooled


The jam was a success, or at least looked like it was a success, i’ve got to leave it a month now before trying it. (again i appologise for the photo of me!)

Persil3Its a very good job that i wore my apron, because as you can see I got very messy,  I honestly didn’t think that those strawberry stains would come out, but as you can see from the bottom right picture they all came out washed at 30 oc using only 1 persil duel action capsule.

Now for the boring bit:

For the 1st time ever Persil has combined the power of stain removing microgranules with boosted concentrated liquid in a duel action cleaning system to offer even better removal of tough stains.

The new capsules which are available in both 17 (RRP: £8.32) and 28 (RRP: £9.99) wash packs work with two separate compartments:

The microgranules (Stain removal powder): contain an active ingredient that works as a stain remover on bleachable stains such as black tea, red wine, black coffee, strawberry jam and blackcurrant juice

The Liquid (cleaning): contains surfactants to actively clean clothes

They are really simple to use just pop a capsule in the back of your drum before loading the clothes into your machine.


Disclosure: I received a 17 wash pack of Persil Duel Action capsules along with some jam making equipment and reciepes for the purposes of this review all thoughts are my own.

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