Project 365 2015 Days 102 – 108 week 16

week 16

Day 102 – The boys went to bed early, although not to sleep early ready for back to school in the morning.

Day 103 – TP enjoyed a cake after nursery, before we headed off to physiotherapy and occupational therapy

Day 104 – TP brought a friend home from nursery, his stick friend Octper

Day 105 – The hottest day of the year so far, and also class photo day. The boys looked very smart in their short trousers. (I need to remember to get down to their level when taking photos like this)

Day 106 – A sleeping baby girl, because I was busy all day and forgot to take a photo until bedtime

Day 107 – JR lost yet another tooth, where’s the pause button to stop my baby growing up?

Day 108 – JR decided he wanted the stabilisers off his bike, he hasn’t managed to peddle it and stay upright yet but he is very determined. I think it maybe time to buy JR a bigger bike.

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 Days 102 – 108 week 16

    • I welled up one afternoon this week because JR brought a letter home saying they would be preparing them to start yr2 as they’re coming to the end of yr1 in school. They still all seem like babies

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