Project 365 2015 Days 53 – 59 week 9

week 9

Day 53 – TP snuggled down with his cousin Elijah for a bit of Ipad time

Day 54 – TP had his 3rd physio sessionĀ 

Day 55 – TP spent the afternoon sat in the front porch watching the hailstorms that kept passing over.Luckily a friend was able to collect JR has the insoles had rubbed TP’s feet while walking home all because the nursery hadn’t tightened his shoes properly after PE.

Day 56 – We had a lovely sunny walk home from nursery

Day 57 – We visited my grandparents, LA loved colouring in with her Great-Grandma

Day 58 – We were running late for school so we hopped on the bus

Day 59 – Yesterday TP brought the class bear ‘Eddy the Teddy’ home for the weekend,so today he took him to dance class in his baby carrier.
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