Project 365 2015 Days 60 – 66 week 10

week 10

Day 60 – I decided it was time I started to get organised with my blog and make a list of posts which I want to write each week.

Day 61 – JR had his 2nd session at beavers and was so proud to be able to wear a uniform

Day 62 – A sleeping boys photo.

Day 63 – TP enjoyed having his teachers read him bedtime stories at school while enjoying a hot chocolate.

Day 64 – Before nursery this morning TP wrote a thank you letter to his head teacher for reading him a bedtime story and drew the characters from the story. The Headteacher gave him a Headteachers award sticker for the effort that TP had made.

Day 65 – I caught the train to spend the evening in Cardiff for Blog On Cymru and decided to visit the castle.

Day 66 – This a picture that I composed in the photography session of Blog On Cymru.
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One thought on “Project 365 2015 Days 60 – 66 week 10

  1. Lovely round-up. I have made some lists too and love the picture of the hot chocolate. What a smart uniform! I was sorry to miss out on Blog on Cymru and hope there will be another one!

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