Project 365 2015 Days 88 – 94 week 14

week 14

Day 88 – JR suddenly seems eager to learn and today he wanted to learn about what material do and don’t conduct electricity using his Grandad’s battery tester.

Day 89 – I was testing out my new camera and lens and caught the concentration on JR’s face as he tried to write a letter by himself.

Day 90 – There was much excitement from TP when he realised his magic beanstalk had started to grow.

Day 91 – We took a walk around the local canal system.

Day 92 – Another walk around the canals, this time with Daddy as well took us up to the top of a slack heap locally known as ‘The Pudding’ Daddy was pointing out all the local laces you can see to JR.

Day 93 – TP made a solar system using his tap-a-shape kit, You have to use your imagination but he is only 4.

Day 94 – Sunset!

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17 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 Days 88 – 94 week 14

    • I’m sure one the branches from our main canal eventually takes us to by you, it certainly goes through Rowley Regis

    • I brought it a couple of years ago as a stocking filler for each of the boys, it’s the most used present they’ve ever had after Lego of course

  1. that is a great solar system, we loved tap a shape when my children were young.
    The concentration pictures with the tongues out always makes me smile.
    I hope the magic beanstalk does not have a giant at the top.

    • Elaine, Tyler is convinced that there will be a giant at the top of the beanstalk. I just hope he’s not too disappointed.

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