Project 365 2015 Days 109 – 115 week 17

week 17

Day 109 – TP and LA chilled out at their grandparents house watching Netflix while Mommy watched the Formula 1.

Day 110 – JR had his investiture into Beaver Scouts

Day 111 – JR was awarded ‘Pupil of The Week’ at school, I am so proud of the progress he has made since the change of teacher at Christmas.

Day 112 – I went to a blog event where there were free cocktails, this one was called a Rum Runner.

Day 113 – Walking home from school JR asked me to take this photo because ‘My shadow looks like an eye mommy’

Day 114 – Another Friday, another visit from the tooth fairy.

Day 115 – I went to Blogcamp today run by Tots 100, while I was there I discovered a colouring wall, complete with wax crayons – This had to be done.

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