World Book Day Costumes From George At Asda

A few weeks ago I was offered the chance to test out some of George at asda’s range of children’s costumes in time for World Book Day. Both JR and TP’s favourite book of choice at bedtime is a book of Marvel superhero stories, so it was no surprise to me that TP chose a Continue reading →

Yesterday I attended the Tots 100 blog conference Blogcamp. Happily for me it was held very close to home in Birmingham City centre. Over the last few years JR and TP have been getting more and more interested in the Marvel and DC comic book heroes, so whilst in Birmingham I decided a visit to a comic book shop might be in order. This shop is where me and Mr M&TTT spent quite a few hours and pounds when we first started dating way back in college. Nostalgia and Comics, if you’re ever in Birmingham it’s well worth finding and having a look around whether you are into comics or not.

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Lego -76019 guardians of the galaxy star blaster review

It’s no secret that I love building Lego, whenever the free mini kits are being given away in the newspapers I always collect them you the guise of ‘they’re for the kids’ So when I was the kids were sent a new Guardians of the Galaxy set to review, naturally I was they were really excited. Continue reading →