Teletubbies Clip on Toy

Everyone’s favorite children’s TV show Teletubbies has had a make over to bring it up to modern day standards. I can remember it’s 1st run on TV fondly, I was a college student looking for any excuse not to be working on my current assignment and Teletubbies became that excuse – yes I know that it was a programme for pre-schoolers but I can quite vividly remember trying to work out what they were meant to be and what the programme was actually all about.

Fast forward 20 years and I’m now a mum to 3 adorable children 1 who is absolutely so very in love with the Teletubbies, although all 3 children are out of the catchment age for it.

LA loves to sit and watch Teletubbies so when I showed her the Teletubbies clip on baby toy range she simply had to have one, and in fact she absolutely loves them, they go to nursery with her clipped on to her backpack. You see these toys are sold as pram toys but at nearly 5 years old LA no longer has a pram, but I can see how the large clip would work well attached to either a pram or car seat for younger children. The clip itself is strong and sturdy and has yet to fall off the said backpack. The toys themselves are really super cute and well made after a month of being taken to nursery they are still very much intact, without any pulls to the stitching or tears to the actual toy.

Teletubbies clip-on pram toys retail at £5.99 each

We were sent 2 clip on Teletubbies free of charge for the purpose of this post.

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