Tomy Disney 3-in-1 Musical Potty


For the last few months LA has been showing signs of wanting to start potty training, the arrival of a Minnie Mouse 3-in-1 musical potty has made this want greater. However we are still at the sit on it with a nappy on stage at least she is happy to sit on it.

You are probably wondering what a 3-in-1 potty is

  1. It’s a potty P1050862
  2. It becomes a toddler toilet seat P1050865
  3. It is a step stool P1050861

The bonus of the potty converting to a toddler toilet seat and step stool means that the lifespan of this product is extended beyond a toddler using a potty, which for some may only be a few months. Other nice touches to this potty are the padded seatP1050862 and the removable pot insert to make emptying and cleaning the pot easier.P1050864

It also has a minnie mouse arm that when pressed cheers in a congratulatory way, this is by far LA’s favourite feature and she will happily sit pressing the arm for quite a while. If you are thinking that that could get annoying don’t worry it has an on/off switch on the music box. P1050858

I think that although this potty is more expensive than a normal potty I think that it is worth the investment for the added extras.

Disclaimer: I was sent this potty f.o.c. for the purposes of this review, all words, opinions and photos are my own.

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