Dive in and Go Binge on your favourite Netflix shows with Three Mobile

Three Mobile has teamed up with  Netflix, TVPlayer, Deezer and SoundCloud to let you stream shows and music infinitely, anytime, without using up your mobile data. Go Binge is available to all new or upgrading customers who have one of the following contracts with Three Mobile:

  • All handset Advanced plans of 4GB and above.
  • All Sim Only Advanced plans of 4GB and above.
  • All Pay monthly Mobile Broadband plans of 5GB and above.

Existing customers can get Go Binge by changing their plan to one with more data/minutes provided to ensure that the new plan is an eligible one (see above). Existing customers who are already on an eligible plan (see above) will still need to change the plan to one with more data/minutes to get Go Binge. If you subsequently change your plan back to your original plan, you will no longer get Go Binge. If you cannot change plan to an eligible plan with more data/minutes (i.e. you’re on an Advanced plan with All-you-can-eat data and All-you-can-eat minutes), need to call 333 to speak to Three Mobile.

The “Go Binge” services all require a monthly subscription however you can watch some free to air television channels without a TV player subscription. A service that I find helpful with my Netflix subscription is fan site New On Netflix which lists the additions and removals each day and also shows the entire available catalogue. You can also find them on twitter as @NewOnNetflixUk and on Facebook at New On Netflix UK.

The boy’s and I all have contracts with Three Mobile and the addition of “Go Binge” has been really useful as we travel up and down the country between West Yorkshire and the West Midlands. It now means that whilst I still tether to LA’s tablet so she can watch Netflix, my Netflix viewing and that of the boys doesn’t use up any data allowance. This came in particularly handy a few weeks ago when we headed to Essex to meet my new baby Nephew as the journey on a Friday afternoon took around 5 hours to complete.

All 3 kids were able to watch whatever they wanted on Netflix for the entire journey and I didn’t have to worry about the amount of data that was being used. LA also borrowed my phone and used my “Go Binge” add-on to watch her favourite programmes.

When we finally arrived at our hotel as we checked in I was asked if I to pay for WIFI access but having “Go Binge” meant that we didn’t need to pay because the kids could continue to watch Netflix on the phones, which meant the one night stay was a lot more peaceful than it could have been.

Disclaimer: Three UK provided us with the clapperboard and popcorn as an incentive for this post, however, I pay for all 3 contracts and already had a Go Binge applicable contract.


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