Eddy the Teddy comes to Stay

Last Friday when I went to collect TP from nursery he came running excitedly towards me clutching a little blue backpack and a little white teddy in a red jacket. His key worker  informed me that Eddy the Teddy had decided that he wanted to go home with TP and spend the weekend with TP’s family.

TP had grand ideas as to what he and Eddy would be doing over the weekend. He decided he would take Eddy swimming,to the beach, to the cinema, to Cbeebies land, to the Cbeebies house to visit Alex Winters and on an aeroplane. Not a big ask for a 3 night 2 day stay! I knew none of these were possible but I also knew I had to make the weekend magical for TP.

So I turned the walk home into a fun nature walk, and got TP to find and show Eddy some mini-beasts, flowers, leaves and as it’s TP sticks as well. When we went to the supermarket TP showed Eddy all the different types of fruit and vegetables that are available.

After dinner it was time to collect JR from school, TP decided he needed to put Eddy in LA’s dolly baby carrier. It looked so cute and it meant I didn’t have to worry about Eddy getting dropped and lost on the way.

The following day TP took Eddy to his dance class again in his baby carrier and Eddy sat in the dance room to watch all the children dance. After the dance class we took the tiny 3 plus Eddy to meet The Honey Monster at the local shopping centre, Eddy was scared but TP hugged him tightly to keep him safe. The rest of the weekend was more laid back and settled as we played Lego, did jigsaws and played trains.

TP was so upset to take Eddy back to nursery on Monday morning, he named his own bear Eddy the Teddy, and as taken him everywhere with him.

eddy the teddy

One thought on “Eddy the Teddy comes to Stay

  1. I love it when schools do this, it’s great seeing the kids enjoying the responsibility. When my kids were little it was the class hamster or fish that we looked after during the holidays, but I had a key to access the school to feed them rather than having to bring them home

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