Get Creative with Gel-A-Peel

Most people know that Gel-A-Peel allows you to make your own jewellery and fashion accessories, but did you know that you can use it to decorate things?

Gel-A-Peel challenged me to decorate a tote bag using Gel-A-Peel products, well I’m not very artistic but I’m always up for a challenge so decided to give it a go. As a big Marvel comics fan, I decided that I’d try to make an Avengers bag but first I needed a stencil so I found an image online and printed it out. I then cut it using a craft knife and got to work decorating my bag.

I was a bit apprehensive as I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but as you can see below it turned out brilliantly, and I’m really proud of it, in fact, I’m taking it to Portugal with me as my beach bag. 

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