How Does Your Garden Grow – A Guest Post 

With the warmer weather finally here it’s time to make the most of the sunshine and encourage the little ones to get outside. 

Although games and toys are easy to coax them away from the television, getting them more involved in the garden can help them keep fit and healthy, as well as take an interest in the natural world that surrounds them. 

Besides it’s always one of lifes greatest pleasures when you can take part in an activity with them, and watch their eagerness to learn grow.

Decorate the Playhouse

A first step to get them outside is to let them loose on the playhouse. 

Whether you’ve transformed a shed to make it a shelter or purchased one especially for them to be responsible for, giving it a lick of paint can make all the difference in adding some colour to the garden and letting them get creative. 

It may be difficult at first to relinquish control of keeping things neat and tidy, but they will have so much fun decorating the playhouse in the way that they want, that they’ll soon want to spend as much time in it as the weather will allow. 


A Mini Allotment 

Teaching children how to eat properly is one of the biggest challenges parents can face, but if they could grow the fruits and vegetables they like to eat, they might just be more inclined to eat the good stuff. 

At this time of year there are lots of seeds available such as these that are ideal for little gardeners, as they require minimal attention.  So if they do become a little disinterested you needn’t feel like you’ve wasted your money. 

Give them their own little patch in the garden to be in charge of, and help them to dig out the earth and find all the wriggly worms that will make the soil ready for their plants. 

They’ll love discovering all the bugs and insects you can find, and any excuse to get a little mucky is always a bonus.


Tools for the Trade 


Rather than treat them to sweets or toys, praise their outdoor play with their own selection of gardening tools, or even a new pair of wellington boots. 

Continuing to encourage their outdoor play and adventures, will keep the fun going. 

If you feel stuck for things to do there are lots of online tutorials such as this one that have a long list of activities and games that will teach them something new every day. 

And don’t forget to organise that garden party so they can show off all their hard work to their little friends. 

Before you know it you’ll have a team of mini gardeners all excited to discover what they’ve grown on their own. Or maybe just a little help from mum.

Disclosure: This is a collaboration.

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