Michael Morpurgo Christmas stories (review)

About a month ago we were sent a copy of Michael Morpurgo Christmas stories to review.
Most people will know of Michael Morpurgo through his incredible story War Horse, and if that book is a favourite of yours this one will not fail to impress you.
Contained in this book are 4 stories each around 50 pages long. For us this meant that each story took a few nights to complete as my boys attention span is not 50 pages long. However each night left us waiting in anticipation for the following nights bedtime story.

The 4 stories are:

    The Goose is Getting Fat

A story of true friendship, will Charlie be able to stop his Dad killing his goose to eat for Christmas dinner?

    The Best Of Times

Can the Prince find a way to make his beloved princess smile again and save her?

    The Best Christmas Present in The World

A story based on the Christmas Day truce of 1915.

    On Angel Wings

A profoundly moving story, which tells the Christmas story from a shepherds view.

Now I will be honest I thought my boys were a little to young at 5&3 for ‘The Goose is getting fat’, we has a family haven’t really broached the subject of where does meat come from, so I found some of the details a bit strong. But the writing is amazing I just missed out some of the more detailed parts whilst reading it to the boys.

The book is illustrated by some of the best known children’s illustrators Quentin Blake, Michael Foreman, Emma Chichester Clarke and Sophie Allsopp. Again the pictures are captivating and awe inspiring, the boys loved looking at the pictures and telling me what they thought was happening.

The recommended retail price of this Egmont book is £9.99.


Disclosure: We were sent this book FOC for the purposes of this review all views are my own

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