Project 365 2015 Days 67 – 73 week 11

week 11

Day 67 – JR asked me to help him draw a character from cars, I’m really not very good at drawing.

Day 68 – The wind and traffic were bothering TP so he wore his ear defenders to school.

Day 69 – JR came home from school with a maths ace sticker.

Day 70 – As part of the learning at nursery around Jack and the Beanstalk, the children played with baked beans. TP came home covered in them.

Day 71 – TP brought his handmade mothers day card home and was so it excited about it he gave it to me 3 days early.

Day 72 – TP had his mother’s day assembly today, I felt so proud listening to him sing and watching him dance. (As per school rules I’ve blocked out everyone else’s face)

Day 73 – I finally decided that it was time to sign up for Netflix the boys were incredibly happy with my choice. 

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4 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 Days 67 – 73 week 11

  1. That is so sweet that he had to give it to you early. I love the idea of enjoying Jack and the Beanstalk with baked beans! I am sure that your drawing was lovely! My children kindly think that I am marvellous at drawing (I am not and enjoy my husband’s snorts of incredulity as he is actually more talented) – I hope they continue to think that my singing is acceptable too!

  2. My kids are now 22, 20 and almost 16, I have kept nearly every handmade card they’ve made for me over the years and shipped it with me to South Africa and now to Dubai, the only time I look at them though is when we move and this is our 7th move over those years

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