Social pix 5/7/2013

Well here is my social pix for this week to be honest it’s one I’ve used for a little project I’m trying to do this month where I take a picture everyday based on a particular theme each day! I found out about this particular challenge through the boy and me and one dad 3 girls and on Thursday 4/7 the theme was red,white or blue. I chose white and I’m very proud of this picture


I’m linking this up with one dad 3 girls on social pix, to see pictures that are loads better than mine push the button and hop over and share the love!


10 thoughts on “Social pix 5/7/2013

  1. REally impressed with this, harder than it looks to achieve the effect you have here. I want to try now though!

    • Thank you x. I do love the camera I have on my iPhone but I want to see about getting another decent camera as well

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